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How To Setup Multiple Worlds (Multiverse)

In this guide we will cover the process of setting up your Minecraft server so that in can support multiple different worlds on the same server. Multiverse is a plugin that allows you to do this. This plugin requires that your Spigot or Bukkit type server is used. (If your server does not have Spigot or Bukkit installed, please refer to our guides. Spigot Setup – Here Spigot Setup.

How to set up Multiverse:


Multiverse Core latest version - Click Here to download to your computer. There are various additional Multiverse plugins which add additional functionality - as shown in the table below. - Multiverse-Portals features:

Make custom portals to go to any destination! Restrict users from using specific portals using permissions. Charge users to use specific portals! Portal fees are exempted from users. Multiverse Portals allow users to launch themselves through the air. Multiverse Portals can allow boats and minecarts. For more information, please visit the Multiverse Portals Wiki.

- Multiverse-NetherPortals features:

Have nether and end worlds per for any of your overworlds! Have custom nether and end portals in a world go to a specific world Custom World Scaling when using NetherPortals! Strongcraft (All types of worlds supported, normal, skylands, and nether! Even custom generators!) For more information, visit the wiki for Multiverse-NetherPortals.

- Multiverse-Inventories features:

Have separated players stats and inventories per world or per group of worlds. Choose what each group of worlds share: Inventories, Last location (in a world before teleporting), Hunger, Health, Exp, and Bed Spawns. For more information, visit the wiki for Multiverse-Inventories.

Login to Gamepanel Click "File manager" to open your plugins folder. Click "Upload", in the menu bar. Wait for the upload of the Multiverse core.jar file to be completed. Once the file is uploaded successfully, we will need to configure Multiverse in order for it to find your server’s worlds. Configuration (Importing your current worlds):

Multiverse can only be configured by an operator (OP). If you are not already a server operator (OP), then please refer to this guide - How do I OP a player

Log in to your server. Type: /mv Import WORLD ENV Now replace WORLD by the folder name of your world and ENV by the environment type.

There are 3 currently available: normal, nether and end. If you forget these, you may use /mv.env. It will list all of them.